Big Changes for Milestone’s Smallest NVR


Last week, Milestone announced significant enhancements to its Milestone Husky™ M10, the entry-level solution in its Milestone Husky™ Series of network video recorders (NVRs). The NVRs, which come pre-installed with the Milestone video management software (VMS), have recently gained greater storage capacity, enabling longer video retention and continuous high-resolution recordings.

Advanced mobile phone capability

The two distinct capabilities that make the Milestone Husky™ M10 NVR stand out from its industry peers are Video Push and Milestone Interconnect™ compatibility. Video can be pushed out from a smartphone or tablet device, running the Milestone Mobile client, on to Milestone Husky M10, via a mobile or Wi-Fi network. This allows users get access to their video surveillance on the go.

Secure locally, manage centrally

Milestone Interconnect is a system concept that allows Milestone Husky NVRs to connect with XProtect®Corporate, our premium video surveillance software. Organizations can install Milestone Husky M10 NVRs at local sites, which connects with the higher-end XProtect Corporate running at the control centers. A great solution for saving costs without compromising on operational capabilities.

Along with an expanded storage of 2TB, the Milestone Husky M10 now has a 4-IP channel option and supports up to 2600 native camera drivers. With the improved user interface, users have more options to add and edit video. All this and more at extremely competitive prices, making the entry-level NVR an extremely attractive surveillance solution.