Bosch Now Offers Free Video Analytics As a Standard Feature

The statistics are alarming: while the amount of information collected by networked devices such as security cameras is at an all-time high, over 90% of collected data is never analyzed or acted upon. In response, Bosch provides video analytics at the edge as a standard feature, with no additional investments or license fees required. 

Video Analytics As a Standard Feature
  • Video analytics add sense and structure to data
  • Users can easily extract relevant information
  • Reduces the amount of stored data
  • Ensures quality won’t be lost due to compression, encrypting or other techniques

The industry’s focus on image quality is no longer enough. Users also need the ability to focus on relevant data and easily extract relevant information from it – and do so in a way that suits their applications. For Bosch, adding video analytics as standard feature with no extra investment or license fees is the way forward.

Edge video analytics add sense and structure to video data, using metadata to enable the camera to understand what it sees. In effect, the camera becomes ‘smart’ so users have the choice to control which and how much data streamed by the camera is stored. Furthermore, users can also configure specific rules for what kind of behaviors and events an alarm needs to be triggered to alert security personnel only when needed. Also, users can instantly retrieve the correct data from hours of stored video because metadata is much easier and quicker to search through than the stored video data. The analysis of video content is conducted on the raw data, meaning there are no quality losses due to compression, encrypting or other techniques.

Bosch offers a choice between two types of video analytics at the edge: essential video analytics and intelligent video analytics. Essential video analytics is suitable for the more common security situation, such as a retail environment. Intelligent video analytics features all the capabilities of essential video analytics, plus specifically designed functions for the world’s most demanding environments. 

Bosch video analytics at the edge makes video surveillance more relevant.