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Bosch Starlight Cameras - Advancing the State of the Art in 24/7 Video Surveillance

The new generation of starlight cameras offer a combination of detailed 24/7 video surveillance and improved light sensitivity with powerful video analytics at the edge as standard. 

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  • Excellent light sensitivity. Depending on the camera model, highly detailed color images can be captured in scenes with minimum ambient light (down to 0.0069 lux). Even when light levels drop to 0.0008 lux, highly detailed monochrome images are provided.
  • Various resolutions: 720p, 1080p, or 5 megapixel.
  • Excellent dynamic ranges up to 120 dB at 60 frames per second to capture moving objects, even in the most challenging light conditions.
  • Built-in video analytics capabilities requiring no extra investment or license fees.

Making Darkness Visible

In terms of form factors, the new starlight line meets the demands of a broad range of security applications. TheDINION IP starlight 6000 and 7000 are fixed box models, while the FLEXIDOME IP starlight 6000 and 7000 are fixed dome cameras. Within the complete starlight portfolio, options also include explosion-proof fixed cameras (EXTEGRA IP starlight 9000 FX cameras), moving cameras (AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD), or highly ruggedized mobile cameras (MIC IP starlight 7000 HD) for tough conditions.
But starlight cameras truly excel when it comes to penetrating darkness to deliver actionable mission-critical images. Advanced sensors support color images at light sensitivities of 0.0069 lux, and monochrome images at 0.0008 lux. In other words, the new starlight line delivers high-definition color images where other cameras switch to monochrome and monochrome images where other cameras reach their limit. These detailed images form the basis for intelligent surveillance.

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Video Analytics at the Edge: Spotlight on Relevant Information 

Video content analysis algorithms at the edge help extract relevant information from increasing feeds of data – helping security personnel direct their attention to the right feeds at the right time – and automatically sounding the alarm when customized triggers occur. Bosch constantly pushes the boundaries of video analytics with an R&D commitment across several branches of the company, including automotive. These proprietary technologies – including powerful algorithms protected by international patents – have led to two levels of analytics at the edge that are about to be factory loaded into the starlight family:

  • Essential Video Analytics

    Essential Video Analytics, provided on the DINION IP starlight 6000 fixed box and FLEXIDOME IP starlight 6000 fixed dome cameras as standard, can be used for advanced intrusion detection, as well as enforcing health and safety regulations. Essential Video Analytics also possesses business analytics capabilities for retail environments, such as people counting and crowd detection.

  • Intelligent Video Analytic

    Intelligent Video Analytics delivers the full scope of Essential Video Analytics, plus the required level of accuracy for mission-critical applications such as perimeter protection for airports and critical infrastructures or traffic monitoring. Trusted by high-level security operations across the world, Intelligent Video Analytics also filters out false triggers caused by camera shakes or weather conditions such as heavy rain or moving trees, minimizing costly false positives.

Soon, all Bosch camera series IP 4000 or later, will come with analytics at the edge at no extra price, letting customers enjoy state-of-the-art video surveillance that keeps getting more evolved as technology progresses.