CommScope Positions Global Partner Program to Better Service Customers and Partners

New Collaboration Tool Enables Faster and Easier Service to Global Customers 

Partner PRO Program

To increase the ease, speed and efficiency of collaborating with its partners and to deliver faster and better services to its customers, CommScope is introducing a new management tool for the PartnerPRO™ Network.

The CommScope PartnerPRO Portal is a management software tool for partners that runs on a best-in-class, data management technology created to simplify the process of collaboration for customer projects, ultimately providing customers faster access to CommScope technology.

“CommScope is making a significant investment into this new portal because we are committed to giving our partners the best tools and support to serve their customers,” said Stephen Kowal, senior vice president, Global Partners, CommScope.

“The PartnerPRO Portal enables a whole new approach to collaboration with features that will fundamentally change the way we work with partners.”

Customers around the world have already seen the benefits from the quality and consistency that PartnerPRO Network members deliver. As CommScope evolves to add new solutions to its portfolio, new partners are added to deliver these solutions. The PartnerPRO Portal offers a higher degree of integration for the worldwide PartnerPRO Network to deliver value-added services to customers more efficiently, including:

  • Faster access to the newest CommScope technology such as Data Center on Demand™, iTRACS® DCIM suite, sensor network and in-building wireless solutions.
  • Faster access to a highly qualified CommScope partner suited to the needs of the customer.
  • Simplified warranty processing and archiving to provide customers the peace of mind knowing all sites are properly under warranty and documented.

The CommScope PartnerPRO Portal provides more detailed data relating to customers, sales and lead conversations – ultimately streamlining the process to bring CommScope solutions with greater efficiency to customers around the world.

CommScope launched the new PartnerPRO Portal management tool to continue developing the PartnerPRO Network with improved communications of project and solution information for partners, along with other benefits that include:

  • Easier access to vital financial, technical and sales information through detailed dashboards.
  • One-stop warranty information and processing center.
  • Detailed support for local languages and currency entries.
  • Simplified access to business development incentive programs. 

“The PartnerPRO network can move faster and more nimbly in pairing customer’s needs to CommScope’s diverse resources,” said Kowal. “This new platform will help CommScope bring its solutions to market with agility and the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from PartnerPRO Network members.”

The PartnerPRO Network has more than 2,200 active partners in 88 countries and serves as a resource with thousands of consultants, integrators, distributors and installers worldwide. These partners are trained, accredited and/or certified by CommScope and are reputable experts in current and upcoming CommScope solutions. The program's goal is to ensure that CommScope partners can deliver products and solutions to customers in every part of the world.