CommScope Showcases High Speed Solutions At Data Centre World To Meet Growing Bandwidth Demand


By next year, there will be approximately 30 billion connected devices -- from phones to gaming remotes. That is five per person and a lot of demand placed on data centers around the world. CommScope, a leader in communications network infrastructure solutions, showcased its agile, high-density and cloud-friendly solutions for fast and reliable data centre infrastructures.
Given the speed of change driven by new technologies such as robotics, neuroscience and artificial intelligence, businesses are doing their best to prepare for the future,” said Koen ter Linde, vice president of Enterprise, CommScope Europe. “With changes taking place in how technologies are used and valued within the enterprise, organisations across Europe are reviewing all aspects of their IT infrastructure, including on premise, colocation and cloud solutions.” 

During Data Centre World, CommScope highlighted its latest solutions to meet the continuous growth of bandwidth needs:

  • High-speed fibre networks will support the demands of the future’s mobile population. CommScope’s LazrSPEED WideBand OM5 could contribute to the next generation data centers, considering it fits the requirements of 100G and 400G and extends the adaptability of multimode data centers.  OM5, most recently designated by the ISO/IEC, enhances the ability of short-wavelength division multiplexing to provide at least four-fold increases in usable bandwidth while maintaining backward compatibility with legacy multimode fibre.
  • As the number of connected devices grows, the location of these devices is becoming more important. CommScope’s ImVision automated infrastructure management (AIM) system knows exactly what is connected, how it is connected and where it is located.  The integrated hardware and software platform manages the entire physical layer. Without AIM to identify outages, it is akin to finding the needle in the proverbial haystack. 
  • Fibre optic panels: Ultra-, high- and standard-density panels that simplify management of duplex and parallel ports for dynamic migration and flexibility.

“From consumers to businesses and the wider economy, everyone’s connectivity demands are rising. In fact, CommScope research revealed millennials in Europe would rather give up their own car before losing internet connectivity,” added Koen. “With this in mind, companies across all sectors need to get up to speed, especially when trying to appeal to younger age-groups, who demand the latest technology at their fingertips at all times.  To deliver these expectations, companies are re-engineering and redesigning their IT infrastructure.”