Fiber Optics in Harsh Environment Applications

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Corning LANscape® solutions for harsh environments offer the ideal ruggedized product portfolio necessary to endure
the environmental and mechanical rigors prevalent in oil & gas infrastructures.
More and more, the oil and gas markets are turning to fiber optics for a number of applications. The advantages of larger bandwidths in a smaller footprint is saving space, weight and installation time. The monitoring reliability for equipment performance, oil reserve levels and environmental conditions make fibre optics an attractive option. Corning offers many products to assist in the procurement of natural resources.
Keeping the network up and running in harsh environments requires more than just properly protecting the cabling from
the elements. Product availability and lead time is critical.

Corning harsh cables are available and easy to use. As the most stocked fibre offering on the market, choosing products manufactured by Corning reduces lead times and expedites scheduling and permitting. 

Next to that Corning is launching two lines of brand new Fibre Optical Cables for Oil&Gas applications.