Could Electronic Locks Be the Key to a Securer Home?

Got that nagging feeling?

Increasingly, people are handing out keys to their homes to trusted people outside the family for ease and convenience. This gives rise to a number of issues. Traditional keys can be lost or stolen, possibly even falling into the wrong hands. Not only this, but keys can be copied or duplicated unbeknown to both the homeowner and the property manager

The solution

Allegion answer to this is simple: an electronic lock, which can address all of these problems by simply revoking and reissuing digital credentials.
In a world where people demand the flexibility of issuing out keys, more often than not to people who don’t live with them, using an electronic lock could be a safer and securer way of doing this.

Allegion offers easy-to-install and hassle-free access control systems. Their product range varies from traditional readers and credentials, to state-of-the-art wireless electronic locks and mobile credentials

EAC Allegion

Will electronic locks benefit my specific needs?

Allegion have worked hard to ensure a safer and easier locking system for each and every purpose. Their smart access control systems even keep you in-the-know about who is entering, when, and why. Take these scenarios, for example:

Scenario one
Say you’ve scheduled property maintenance at your house. However, you need to leave to go to work for the day or you’re out running errands.
Instead of leaving keys in flower pots or under doormats, the mobile credentials system will mean you can provide and monitor access straight from your mobile.
So, if your gardener or cleaner enters the premises today at 10:30am, the mobile app will inform you of this activity, keeping you can up-to-date about what time they enter and when they leave.

Scenario two
Picture yourself away on holiday. Your dog needs to be walked, and a package to be delivered during your holiday.
Instead of having to hand out keys to family members and physically retrieving them after your holiday, you can issue access remotely. You can also monitor when your locks were used.
So, if you’ve asked your sister to check in on your pets at 3pm, you’ll know it’s happened. Or access can be given for a set time and day for your delivery to be dropped into a set area of your home.

Scenario three
According to reports by the Telegraph made this year, one in ten British adults now own a second home. This would mean that 6.6 per cent of adults, or 3.4m people, have extra properties that they leave empty as an investment or use as holiday homes.
Of course, these holiday homes are likely to be rented out throughout most of the year.
An up-sell to your would-be holidaymakers is that they don’t need to physically collect keys from property managers. Instead, keys can be issued direct to smartphone. You also don’t carry the cost of replacing these keys if they are lost.

Give and take

Allegion electronic locking systems ensure that you’re in control of who has access to the property, and access can also be revoked just as easily as it is given. Electronic locks eliminate all the hassle and uncertainty of using traditional keys. It is much more difficult to physically take back a key off someone than it is to revoke access on our mobile app.

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