Easy Deployment and Lifecycle Management 

You’re about to set up dozens of new PDUs. Suddenly, you feel overwhelmed. You dread the thought of setting them up, one by one. Then there’s the challenge of integrating PDU data into your building or power management software suite.

But if you chose PX intelligent PDUs, you have nothing to worry about. They offer two incredible ways for a single person to setup hundreds of PDUs in less than a day.

There’s also programmatic access to every feature. It makes it easier to integrate with 3rd party solutions, and manage it all from a single pane of glass.

Watch Video

Watch this video walkthrough on mass rack PDU deployment and JSON RPC scripting to see how fast, simple, and easy it is to do. Key video sections include:

  • USB and TFTP server mass deployment
  • JSON RPC scripted commands, e.g. remote outlet switching

Config Cloning: USB Flash Drive Setup

Config Cloning: USB Flash Drive Setup imahe

USB setup is the first of these methods, and found only in Raritan products. All it requires is for a user to upload a file with settings on a USB Flash drive.
It can be used to set IP addresses, change time settings, set a unique name, turn on SNMP, and more. This entire process takes place in under 30 seconds.
By using several USB sticks, a single person could set up hundreds of rack PDUs in a single afternoon. This method is ideal for deploying PDUs if/when a network in unavailable.

Zero Touch Config: TFTP Server Setup

Zero Touch Config: TFTP Server Setup image

TFTP server setup is a more traditional method for set up that uses your network. DHCP/PXE safely recognizes and boots the PDU and identifies your rack PDU’s IP address. The TFTP server then pushes the desired configuration to your PDUs. For this method to work, all of the following conditions must be in place:

  • DHCP servers must be deployed.
  • PDU subnets / VLANs must be deployed, and ROUTED.
  • Every Ethernet patch cable must be in place, and must work!
  • Every Ethernet port (on the out-of-band network switch) must be provisioned.

Although this method requires more prep work, here again hundreds of PDUs can be set up, nearly all at once.

Rack Mount PDU Lifecycle Management with JSON RPC

Rack Mount PDU Lifecycle Management with JSON RPC image

PX PDUs support a full software development kit (SDK) and open API. Anything you can do via the web GUI (power cycling, power and environmental data on- demand, etc...) you can do with JSON RPC scripting. So, you can manage your PDUs from third-party software like a commercial or homegrown DCIM or BMS suite.

JSON RPC is a simple protocol that binds major coding languages like Python, Perl, and JavaScript to your PDU functionalities. Through the life of your PDU, you will be able to leverage JSON RPC Scripting to update your PDU firmware, backup and restore your configuration, and add more functionalities as needed by your application.

You can power cycle outlets, pull power and environmental data, control thresholds and alarm settings, and much more! Best of all, the SDK comes with pre-integrated bindings that you can customize. And if you ever get stuck, our technical support team is here to help.