Easy Termination that Works with Any Architecture

Panduit now provides both shield and UTP field terminable plugs for easy, high-performance termination.

Panduit Corp. has launched the TX6A™ Shielded Field Term Plug to join the existing TX6A™ UTP Field Term Plug.

The plugs meet the growing market need for a cost effective RJ45 plug which is easy to terminate in the field for wireless access points, security cameras, and other field-deployed PoE devices.

The TX6A™ Field Term plugs provide a direct connect method which provides cost savings, faster installation and increased reliability in both unshielded and shielded applications.

The plugs support Category 6A, 6, and 5e performance levels in one product.

Much easier to terminate in the field than typical modular plugs or competing field terminable plugs, the virtue of having only two parts to handle with the Panduit field term plugs provides a more compact size to meet the varied needs of PoE devices.

The TX6A™ Field Term Plugs are also rated for plenum environments. Because many of the attached devices are network powered by PoE, the TX6A™ Field Term Plugs are designed to operate in the elevated temperatures of plenum and air handling environments.

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