Electronic Access Control – Not Just a Question of Large Buildings

Electronic Access Control – Not Just a Question of Large Buildings

Electronic Access Control (EAC) isn’t just limited to those larger, high-levels-of-egress buildings and facilities (like hospitals, schools, sports centres, and so on). Of course, it’s hugely beneficial for these types of premises, but it can also be a considerable advantage in other areas too.

Last year, it came to light that the amount of people living in the UK with second-home ownership has risen 30% since 2000.
That’s over five million people who own a second home, either for their own purposes as an investment or to rent out as a holiday home.
Aside from this, if you’re jetting off to a holiday resort this year, or even just embarking on a short getaway in another city, the last thing you’ll want crossing your mind is the security of your home.


So, how does EAC manage put to rest these concerns? What’s more, where do traditional, mechanical locks fit into the equation? What does access control involve?

If you’re away from your home on holiday, or if you possess ownership of a second home, how can you be sure if anyone with access has entered the premises, at which time and for what purpose?
EAC helps to eliminate these concerns by revoking and reissuing digital credentials, keeping you in-the-know about who has access to the property and when. From traditional readers and credentials to state-of-the-art wireless electronic locks and mobile credentials, these clever and effortless systems can help to save time for property owners and managers.

What of traditional locking systems?

EAC isn’t solely a replacement for traditional locks. The two systems can work in cohesion, addressing different needs for residents and property managers. For instance, the scope of different types of both electronic and mechanical locks means you won’t ever be stuck for choice. For large facilities to family-owned businesses, both electronic and mechanical locking systems can be used for controlled access, durability, safety and security, and efficiency.

Just how effortless is EAC installation and usage?

It’s never been easier to control the access and egress of your building. EAC allows access to the information you need to keep in-the-know about any premises activity. On top of this, the installation process is super easy. The SimonsVoss MobileKey, for example, requires no drilling or wiring. This ensures minimal disruption is caused to the building. It also requires minimal maintenance and runs on a 10-year battery life.
Installation aside, you can be sure that all of your data and information is secure, too. Should you need to, reprogramming is easy, with no need to replace locks or keys taking away the stress of current every day security.