Bosch Essential Video Analytics - Perfect for Retail Environments


Bosch, an Anixter partner, believes the industry’s focus on high-quality images alone is no longer enough. Users also need the ability to focus on relevant data and easily extract relevant information from it – and do so in a way that suits their applications. Essential Video Analytics does more than ward off shoplifters and detect unwanted behavior. Smart video surveillance also unlocks critical data sets on performance in retail environments by counting customers, tracking times of day with the most footfall and analyzing behavior. A business can use this information in many ways, such as to determine staffing requirements and assist with marketing strategy.

Edge video analytics add sense and structure to video data, using metadata to enable the camera to understand what it sees. In effect, the camera becomes ‘smart’ so users have the choice to control which and how much data streamed by the cameras is stored.

With Essential Video Analytics, users can set up rules and alarms triggers via the intuitive menu in the user interface, specifying exactly what event, or combination of events, should trigger an alarm. As a result, analytics provide relevant alerts and key statistics. They enhance the accuracy of the video surveillance system, provide key data for various non-security applications such as people counting in retail environments, and substantially reduce the margin of error that come with time-consuming 24/7 human surveillance. 

Bosch's DINION and FLEXIDOME IP starlight 6000 are the first cameras to have built-in Essential Video Analytics as a standard. All upcoming Bosch IP 4000 to 6000 cameras will also have built-in Essential Video Analytics as a standard.