Fluke Networks Announces SmartLoop™
Bi-Directional Testing for the OptiFiber® Pro OTDR

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SmartLoop cuts testing time in half allowing users to test two fibers
at once from one end with instant bi-directional averaged results!

Fluke Networks announces the availability of SmartLoop technology for its OptiFiber Pro OTDR, making it the first OTDR that comes standard with the ability to instantly and accurately test two separate fiber links in both directions from one end in a single test. SmartLoop provides instant bi-directional averaged results as required by TIA-568.3-D, the Telecommunications Industry Association’s Optical Fiber Cabling Component Standard, and promises to reduce the time required for testing fiber by 50 percent or more. A powerful side benefit of the new SmartLoop feature is that it automatically ensures operators make OTDR measurements correctly. This eliminates potential sources of measurement error like those that occur when a tail fiber is forgotten.

Watch the video explaining the value and operation of SmartLoop.