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Inside all but the largest buildings, networked devices can be connected without much concern for the 100m limit of Ethernet over network cabling. However, problems arise in larger buildings or when the IP devices have to be placed externally, usually more than 100m from the nearest network switch. Common examples include IP cameras, VOIP phones and Access Control. Fibre is a solution, but cannot support Power-over-Ethernet, whilst providing separate power spurs increases the overall installation cost.

Veracity's LONGSPAN™ has been designed to connect and power IP cameras and other networked devices at distances of up to 820m on CAT6, supporting full 100Base-T Ethernet and 802.3at POE. 
This long-distance performance and POE power delivery allows the system installer to place IP devices almost anywhere, delivering 25watts at 600m and 15watts at 820m.

LONGSPAN™ can even automatically detect single twisted-pair connections and operate at 10Base-T, supporting ranges over 1000 metres. This is ideal for Access Control or other lower bandwidth network connectivity applications, and analogue cameras connected with UTP baluns can also be upgraded to IP without replacing existing cabling.
POE-equipped models allow power to be sourced from a single POE switch or POE injector, for low-cost installation and reliable UPS-backed power delivery.

Veracity's range of innovative IP Transmission Solutions are available to order from Anixter.

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