How Intelligent Camera Solutions Help to Increase Traveler Safety and Transportation Infrastructure Efficiency


As more and more people move into cities worldwide and people have an ever increasing drive to travel, the strain on the transportation infrastructure is on the rise, and pressure is on to keep travelers safe at all times. City authorities and transport operators look for means to better understand the usage patterns of all transportation modes in order to sustain these increasing utilization levels and guarantee passenger safety.

  • In traffic intersections Bosch video analytics data is used for improving pedestrian and cyclist safety and optimizing traffic light cycles based on real-time detection of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Bosch video analytics helps city agencies to improve street layout, determine parking offenders that clog the city’s’ streets and, through pre and post analysis, investigate the effectiveness of measures implemented to improve matters.

For quite some time camera technology has been deployed to allow traffic and security operators to closely monitor critical parts of this infrastructure. With the growth of the infrastructure and the need for more knowledge of its use, the monitoring technology developed for use by human operators has evolved into intelligent sensing technology that no longer just provides video feeds but uses intelligent analytics and sophisticated support systems. These systems filter out irrelevant sensor data and present only meaningful events complete with all relevant context data to operators for decision making.
Bosch has developed cameras and support systems for a lot of applications in transportation for a long time and heavily invests in further advancing the state of video analytics technology, so it not just is useful for human operator surveillance but can really deliver KPIs that are relevant to transport operators, planners and  city authorities.

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