In-building Wireless Best Practices eBook 2017 


As soon as the first cell phones began repeatedly dropping calls in sunny, glass-walled lobbies, the seeds of the first in-building wireless (IBW) solutions were planted. Today’s vastly improved IBW technology minimizes interference, boosts bandwidth and provides rock-solid coverage. This 55-page best practices ebook will help you decide which indoor wireless technology is the smart choice for your property. It covers:

This means the opportunities—and the challenges—of LTE deployments will continue to be a prime mover in the wireless communications industry and its evolution.

  • The past, present and future of IBW, current trends, emerging challenges and opportunities.
  • Specific IBW selection criteria accompanied by specific use cases for various venues.
  • A thorough explanation of small cells, distributed antenna systems, Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum.
  • A building’s worth of DAS deployment and funding tips!

Now available for free download, the "In-Building Wireless Best Practices" eBook from CommScope offers a wealth of knowledge to help IBW newcomers better understand and solve the common challenges in selecting, funding and deploying such systems.