Increase Capacity with Wave Division Multiplexing from ProLabs

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From an infrastructure perspective the implementation of WDM technologies is relatively simple.

WDM Transceivers are transceivers that transmit and receive WDM wavelengths of light, allowing more data to be sent down the same amount of fiber.

What Makes WDM Right For You?

WDM technology offers many advantages and even if capacity or flexibility are not a concern today, it may be a good idea to consider a WDM ready infrastructure for the future. There are a number of considerations to ensure that a WDM deployment is a success; Cost effectiveness and reliability, including network planning and resilience, are aspects that need careful consideration.

Key Benefits

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  • A vast inventory of 1G & 10G fixed wavelength CWDM & DWDM products.
  • 10G XFP and SFP+ Tunable solutions.
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  • 100% compatible with Lifetime Warranties .

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