IVA from Bosch - Letting Security Cameras Understand What They See

IVA from Bosch

Wouldn’t it be great if your security cameras understand what they see? If your camera system could automatically trigger alarms and alert you when needed? If recordings could be tagged, so that data can be found instantly from hours of stored video?

Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) from Bosch makes this all possible by adding sense and structure to your video material. It gives you an intelligent IP video solution that proactively supports you, automatically carrying out tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually by security staff or operators. With IVA, Bosch’s focus is to alert you when needed and help you quickly retrieve the correct data.

Alerting you when needed

IVA from Bosch

After viewing for only 20 minutes, an operator can miss 90% of the activity on a screen. IVA analyses the real-time images continuously to instantly detect suspicious events and alerts you when needed. IVA allows you to specify what events,
or combination of events will trigger an alarm.
By smartly combining up to 8 of 15 available IVA rules, complex tasks are made easy and false alarms are reduced to a minimum. 

Quickly retrieve the correct data

Searching through hours of stored video is difficult and time consuming when looking for the correct data. With IVA, content analysis information is stored alongside the video images and adds sense and structure to it. The metadata contains details on all objects entering or leaving the monitored scene like speed, direction, color, and much more. By searching the metadata using smart search criteria you can instantly retrieve the correct evidence or optimize business processes based on, for example, people counting or crowd density information.

Intelligence at the edge

Bosch ensures the highest quality and reliability of video analytics by putting intelligent Video Anlysis at the edge. That’s why every single IVA camera can operate independently without the need for a central analytics server – so no single point of failure. Expanding the system is therefore also easy. Network strain and storage requirements can be reduced by only streaming what is needed, since the analysis is done in the camera. With intelligence at the edge, Bosch’s focus is to significantly enhance system robustness and flexibility while reducing costs.