Demand Management and Your Supply Chain

Anixter Blue book

One of the fundamental forces that drives our business is that we put People first. 'People First' is a mantra from our Blue Book - the foundation of our busines philosophy. Our 'People First' mindset is what helps us specialize in delivering exactly what our customers need.  

One such example is when we split the Materials Department into two areas of focus, Inventory Management and Demand Management; the latter specifically focuses on forecasting. Because forecasting is such a common challenge among our customers, we’ve decided to dedicate our resources to demand management so our global customers can rely on our expertise and innovative tools to effectively forecast future requirements.

Demand Management

The Demand Management team collaborates with our customers to devise a plan, and based on the agreed upon requirements, the team builds and loads forecasts into the Anixter system with reconciliation of exceptions identified. They generate forecast accuracy reports that are shared with our sales force and the customer to drive better dialogue as we work towards adjustments in future planning.

Positive Impacts on the Entire Supply Chain

  • Communication improvement
  • Creation of win-win partnerships
  • More coordination for better optimizations
  • Fewer unknowns
  • Better execution. 

“The implementation of the Demand Management team has certainly been positively received by our customers,” says Brian Determann, Materials Director, “We have increased their soft savings as well as the transparency of our processes and communication with all involved, which ultimately enables us to provide them with exceptional service."

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