Managing PTZ Presets Without Losing Track
with OPTEX IP Sensors

combi-codes  image

OPTEX laser and Redwall thermal IP sensors act mostly as a trigger for networked CCTV systems and are driving camera pre-sets to give the security staff the best possible view of what is going on. Being able to track intruders using the independent detection zones provided by the sensors is a huge help for CCTV operators. However if the intruders are spread across different detection zones, making the camera flicking constantly from one pre-set to another, it can become difficult to keep track of the overall situation. It is when the independent event codes, also referred to as ‘combi-codes’, become useful.

Those codes generated by the OPTEX IP sensors help mapping the different scenarios and setting up the camera pre-set priorities. For instance, in the case that there is an intruder located in detection zone A1 while another intruder is located in zone B2 a new pre-set position is programmed to allow the camera to zoom out and have a view of the entire scene including zones A1 and B2.  

A number of combinations are possible to cater for most cases. To see an example of how to program those codes for the REDSCAN sensor, please download the document here.