Milestone's CaPP Doubles in Size Over Two Years


Milestone’s Camera Partner Program (CaPP) works with companies, to ensure that their IP devices/cameras integrate
with Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS). For the first 15 years, the team behind CaPP secured around 2000 individual cameras in the program, but in the last two years, these numbers have doubled in size. Today, CaPP supports up to 4072 cameras from 140+ manufacturers!

As overwhelming as the last two years have been, the twofold growth also means the following opportunities for our partners:

  • Expanded ONVIF allianceMilestone supports the widest choice of Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) cameras. ONVIF cameras are tested the same way as cameras with tailored drivers, to ensure quality
    and performance.
  • Multi-functionality support: Over 900 devices are now integrated using ONVIF. This means that we now support
    a number of advanced functionalities like edge storage, events, analytics, multi-streaming, 4k video, etc.
  • Better upselling opportunities: Customers can be offered a wider range of cameras from different manufacturers
    for their surveillance system.
  • New device packs: Milestone frequently releases new device packs, allowing new camera models and devices integrate easily with XProtect software.

Besides the above, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have now started working with very first set of 4k cameras by Axis and Bosch. As the market trend leans towards more 4k cameras, we will be doing more development in this area.

As the CaPP team continues to develop the ONVIF initiative with even more partners, more cameras and more innovative features, Milestone partners can reap the benefits in their own sales projects.