New BIM Files Available for CPI's EuroFrame Cabinet


Chatsworth Products (CPI) has recently released new BIM drawings of the EF-Series EuroFrame™ Cabinet, an innovative and cost-effective network equipment cabinet.

The EuroFrame Cabinet was specifically designed for the European market as a quick and easy-to-install storage solution for supporting rack-mount servers, storage and network equipment in data centers, and enterprise IT facilities. Along with having an aesthetically pleasing design, the EuroFrame Cabinet solution allows data center customers to reduce IT spending while providing adequate cable management and better control of thermal dynamics.

Key Features

  • Allows for scalability and network upgrades.
  • Features a static load rating of 3300 lb (1500 kg)
  • Manages and protects cabling and equipment in a simple, affordable way.
  • Provides open rack accessibility with security of the cabinet
  • Delivers thermal management to ensure uptime.

The cabinet is available in several standard configurations, including 42 rack-mount units (U) and 47U, 600 mm and 800 mm widths and 1000 mm and 1200 mm depths, to allow flexibility to fit most data center designs.