New Changes to the VisiPATCH 360 Punchdown Tools

Discontinuation and replacement of VisiPatch® 360 Punchdown Tools.

CommScope is making changes to the tools used for VP360 field terminations. With the discontinuing of the CommScope 788H1 impact tool handle, CommScope now makes adapters to use with industry standard impact tool handles like the recommended Paladin PA3561. Several vendors make similar versions of this tool. Each new seating tool (709817) and punchdown (cutting) tool (709818) now includes an adapter that allows the use of the CommScope tool head onto the Paladin tool. The new tools are available since June 15, 2016.

VP360 Tool Cross Reference 

Old Vendor PN Old Description  Anixter Code  New Vendor PN  New Description or Comment 
June 2016  June 2016
760060350 VP360-788-HEAD  709817 760225573 VP360 Seating Tool
760161455 VP360-788-BIT-KIT  709818 760225565 VP360 Punchdown Tool
760162982 VP360-788-BIT-BLADE-KIT  N/A Discontinued Spare blades included in 760225565
108062043 788H1 Tool N/A Discontinued Recommended: Paladin Tool PA3561