New Firmware for PX, BCM, Transfer Switches from Raritan

Raritan is pleased to announce the release of the latest firmware for power products — including PX iPDUs, Transfer Switches, and Branch Circuit Monitors. Features of this release include:

  • HTML5 Responsive User interface.
  • Major Security Update to open ssl and vulnerability proofing (haserl, json-c, dropbear).
  • New LUA Scripting capabilities and CLI upgrades.
  • User Interface options (Factory default reset, WLAN 802.11n).
  • PDview app enhancements (Mobile device upload/download).
  • Expanded network options and mass deployment support for iX7 models.
  • For BCM2 Only: Power data export via CSV file capability.

Support for New Hardware (iX7 PDU Controller) image

Support for New Hardware (iX7 PDU Controller)

This release also supports the newly-launched iX7 intelligent PDU controller, announced on March 17th.  The controller provides new hardware capabilities:

  • Dual networking with Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Ethernet cascading.
  • Power-sharing.

If you missed the communication on the recent iX7 PDU Controller release, watch the features video. 

Introducing New Brand Name: Xerus

“Xerus™” is the new name of the proprietary, battle-tested firmware already empowering your Raritan Power products.  Xerus Technology Platform future-proofs your infrastructure by supporting the most powerful embedded compute, and delivers open architecture for future applications.

Xerus Firmware v3.3.10 is the latest version of this technology platform.