New Generation of Indoor Laser Scanner From Optex

The REDSCAN RLS-2020I is an indoor sensor using a new generation of laser that provides a customisable ‘virtual’ wall or pen, with a detection area up to 20x20m. The laser scanner can analyse the size, location and speed of the encountered objects and can be set up to trigger only when a certain size of object is detected, or when a distance threshold has been reached.

New Generation of Indoor Laser Scanner image

The accuracy and precision of the REDSCAN sensor RLS2020I makes it an ideal trigger for event-driven video surveillance systems, by driving cameras to pre-determined positions and ‘pointing’ to where the intrusion or presence occurs. Easy to set up using either a web browser or the dedicated REDSCAN Manager software, the laser sensor is also integrated with most VMS platforms.

You can download the data sheet here.