New ITRACS DCIM 4.2.3 from CommScope
is Now Available!

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CommScope announces new software release of ITRACS DCIM 4.2.3. This version offers
the following new and enhanced features:

  • Tile Positions: Row positions have been replaced with a new enclosure-positioning method that uses spacing equal to the data center tile grid. The tile positions apply to both the Windows and Web clients, and require no special configuration. (Tile grids are configured in the Windows client.) Tile Positions are created automatically when a row is created, and are extended automatically when a row is resized.
  • SQL views have been added to the database schema to provide easier access to analytical data. 
  • iTRACS® DCIM is now supported on Windows Server 2012 R2, in addition to 2008 R2.
  • Default viewstate orientation of data centers match in the Browser Interface and the Windows client.
  • SimpleView Connect: The iTRACS® DCIM Browser Interface SimpleView environment now supports the ability to connect network and power ports, or to set future connections for when the appropriate ports (limited by Connection Rules) become available in the future.
  • SimpleView Side-By-Side: The SimpleView environment now supports a side-by-side viewing option that enables you to visualize multiple data centers or assets (enclosures, equipment, or modules) on the same screen, even if these things don’t physically coexist near one another. This enables you to swap assets between enclosures at opposite sides of a data center, or even swap enclosures between data centers. 
  • Nudge and Snap: SimpleView now includes movement options to Nudge an enclosure or row in increments of a selected number of millimeters, for more precise placement. The Snap tool provides the ability to snap an enclosure to the center, corner, or edge of the area it occupies.
  • Export to Excel: Wherever the Browser Interface previously supported an Export to CSV function, it has been replaced with an Export to Excel function. This sends the applicable data to a Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx) file instead of a comma-separated value (*.csv) file.
  • Elevation Report: the SimpleView environment leverages Excel to build a graphic representation of the enclosures currently being viewed. The multi-sheet Excel workbook shows the fronts (sheet 1) and backs (sheet 2) of all equipment, with links to a variety of pertinent asset data (sheet 3). This export is compatible with Future views and Side-by-Side views for easy comparisons. 
  • Progress of reports can now be viewed in the Browser Interface.
  • JasperReports is no longer integrated with the Browser Interface.