New Motive™ Cable Manager Maximises Management Space

Tool-less Accessories, Central Track System is Versatile, Easy to Use

Motive Vertical Cable Manager Solution image uk

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK, 22 November 2016 — Chatsworth Products (CPI) is known for its quality and expertise in cable management and the newly released Motive™ Vertical Cable Manager, which pioneers a breakthrough design and set of tool-less accessories unprecedented in the industry, is no exception.
“Motive Vertical Cable Manager is a perfect example of CPI’s ingenuity and close relationship with customers to understand their needs to develop innovative solutions that are unparalleled in the industry,” states Duke Robertson, CPI Product Manager of Open Systems.

Motive Vertical Cable Manager features an integral track system that provides unlimited adjustability and direct-support for cable bundles anywhere within the cable manager, allowing for maximum use of interior space.

Additionally, the highly versatile, fibre-friendly cable manager includes four tool-less accessories and many design elements that promote intuitive use, enhancing user experience. The unique design of the accessories provides numerous cable segregation configurations that allow for direct support of cables with optimal airflow through the cable manager, preparing networks for higher wattage in Power over Ethernet (PoE).

More Advantages

  • Maximum utilisation of space – Central track system provides unlimited adjustability with versatile direct support for cable bundles, while allowing maximum use of interior space.
  • Intuitive, tool-less design – Accessories attach to the cable manager, enabling support and management of cables, as well as quick attachment, removal and adjustment.
  • Effortless Deployment – Superior form and functions provide quick and easy moves, adds and changes through intuitive design and tool-less adjustability.
  • Support of current and future cabling needs – Versatile configurability and fibre-friendly design mitigate poor cabling practices regarding cable slack, bend radii and cable organisation.

Furthermore, the front door of Motive Vertical Cable Manager features a patent-pending hinge and latch design. With its ability to open from the left or right, the door offers easy push-to-close convenience that securely locks the door into place. Additionally, an integrated hook on the front door provides a dedicated space for technicians to hang a test meter.

Motive Vertical Cable Manager can be used with open two- and four-post CPI Racks and is available in a vast variety of heights, widths and configurations, matching all facility requirements. It also ships partially-assembled, requiring minimal packaging, storage space and assembly, saving users valuable time and money.