New Switch Innovation Wins ASIS Accolades Award - NVT

NVT Phybridge FLEX Switch - Award

The NVT Phybridge FLEX Switch won the 2016 ASIS Accolades Award! The FLEX is the newest addition to NVT Phybridge's CHARIoT Series of long reach switches, which delivers Fast Ethernet and PoE++ over 2 or 4 pair UTP with 2,000ft (610m) reach. The Flex switch has already helped many customers save money, time, and eliminate risk and disruption as they successfully enabled the Internet of Things.

A Solution You Can Trust

Retail developer with over 300 locations across the country was looking to deliver advanced IP services; wireless access, telephony and surveillance to tenants and their customers. The plan was to embark on an infrastructure refresh in order to implement these services. They were considering traditional data switches with reach limitations resulting in the need to build 6 data closets to support all requirements. Challenges and risks included space requirements for IDF closets, disruption to operations, in addition to cost and time considerations. 

After being introduced to the FLEX switch, which delivers Ethernet and PoE++ (50W) over 2,000ft, they found that they could centralize all switch requirements in a single location eliminating the need for the 6 IDF closets. Benefits included:

  • Centralizing switch requirements reducing disruption, risk and costs.
  • Fast tracked migration given simplicity of solution and requirements. 
  • Space savings of over 750 sq. ft. given the average IDF closet occupies 150 sq.ft. 
  • Additional revenue potential from space available for rental. 
  • Better port utilization given all switches are centralized in a single location resulting in further savings. 
  • Energy and power savings by centralizing switches in single location. 
  • No tenant disruption or downtime for infrastructure construction.


System Integrator

  • Help customer eliminate barriers and improve their ROI.
  • Differentiate themselves with FLEX switch innovation that solves problems.
  • Shorten sales, configuration and deployment cycles.
  • Great customer experience.


  • Immediate ROI.
  • No disruption, risk or high costs.
  • Fast track deployment and improve customer experience.

The CHARIoT Series of Award Winning Switches. FLEX Family.


24-Port managed switch that delivers fast Ethernet and PoE++ (50 watts per port) over multiple pairs of UTP cable with six times the reach of traditional switches.


The FLEX Link adapter is an Ethernet extender that extends Ethernet and power over 2 or 4 pair UTP. The FLEX Link can be locally powered to provide higher power to the end point.

FLEX Switch - Short Runs, Long Runs, One Switch

Flex Switch - Short Runs, Long Runs, One Switch