Not All Cabinets are the Same: Considerations When Selecting
a CPI Data Center Cabinet

F-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinet System

CPI’s third generation F-Series TeraFrame features an enhanced frame design, new sizes and panels, easier equipment rail adjustment, and smarter airflow management. F-Series TeraFrame is distinct, attractive and highly functional and the cabinet is available in a wide range of standard sizes and configurations to match your equipment and facility requirements.

Feature List

  • UL Listed 2416 - meets new UL requirements for equipment cabinets
  • New 6-slide frame style increases equipment load bearing capacity
  • Now available in a standard 52U height to maximize space
  • Side panels are half height for easy handling
  • Cable openings in the top and bottom panels are wider to accommodate large PDU power plugs
  • Equipment mounting rails are now Z-shaped with a solid front surface, use no standoff brackets, adjust quickly and help block airflow 
  • Grommet-sealed cable openings in the rails in wider cabinets allow a front-to-rear pathway for cabling while blocking bypass airflow
  • Every cabinet now includes casters and leveling feet
  • Brush seals cover all of the cable openings in the top and the bottom panels
  • New two-piece server top panel makes upgrading to a Vertical Exhaust Duct easy
  • The Vertical Exhaust Duct now includes additional heights for shorter ceilings and includes a brush sealed cable entry port in the back for power cable entry 
  • Up to 3000 lb (1360 kg) static load rating

F-Series TeraFrame® Gen 3 Cabinet System image