Oberon Integrates Wi-Fi Access Points Into any Location

Whether walking through the headquarters of a high-tech company or a university campus renowned for its centuries-old classic architecture, people possess certain expectations for the visual appeal of their environments. Holes poked in ceiling tiles to accommodate cables compromise the image of the high-tech powerhouse, and even a sleek network component can look out of place where no other signs of technology are present or desired.

The default method of mounting APs is to clip the AP to a ceiling grid or rail

In many venues, this method is falling out of favor, as it lacks the finished look desired for that venue. In most venues, the ceiling grid mounting is only an option where there is a suspended ceiling, and the reality is there are a lot of different types of ceilings. Building owners, architects, and installers are looking for more options to mount access points, especially where there may not be a suspended ceiling to which the AP can be fastened.

Technology integrators are tasked with integrating Wi-Fi into many different venues, including those with the following environments:

  • Standard suspended ceilings.
  • Cloud or custom panel ceilings.
  • Open ceilings.
  • High or inaccessible ceilings.
  • Hallways, lobbys and other public areas.
  • Warehouse and industrial areas.
  • Large open areas such as auditoriums and entertainment venues.
  • Outdoors.

Each of these environments requires a different installation method. Oberon’s WiFi Access Point mounting products can help you integrate the Wi-Fi APs from all leading vendors into virtually any building construction type.

Oberon’s mounting solutions for Wi-Fi access points can bring the security, convenience, and compliance features to any environment, while respecting the building design, and without compromising wireless performance.