OPTEX Battery Powered Outdoor Sensors

Create a seamless wireless alarm system that protects indoors and outdoors.

OPTEX Battery Powered Outdoor Sensors image

It is very easy to extend your existing indoor wireless alarm system to outdoor to create an early detection system. It only requires you to connect your alarm panel's door contacts to our battery powered outdoor PIRs and dual tech sensors. 

In residential applications, the number of wireless alarm systems has outgrown the number of wired systems. In many cases wireless intrusion detection systems are restricted to indoor use, detecting intruders only once they have broken in.

It is however, very easy to extend the system to provide outdoor protection using our battery operated sensor. It includes a back box that can accommodate most wireless door contacts on the market. In a few simple steps the OPTEX sensor can be connected to your wireless panel:

  1. Take one of the door contact provided by your wireless panel manufacturer with two additional I/P.
  2. Register the door contact to the alarm panel.
  3. Place the door contact into the rear compartment of the sensor (back box) and connect the alarm and tamper pair.
  4. The power for the sensor can be driven off the door contact’s/ wireless transmitter’s battery as our sensors have very low power consumption.

To find out more about our battery powered sensors and how to connect them to your wireless alarm panel, please download the brochure here.

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