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Over the past decade Veracity has provided solutions for many projects to help overcome some of their initially unplanned network limitations. Where cable lengths in Ethernet networks are typically limited by best practice to 100 metres (328 ft.), this might become a serious restriction should the real distance turn out to be significantly longer.


Veracity's OUTREACH™ MAX Universal Ethernet & POE Extender, a small form product suite with 2-port switch and consisting of simple connect-and-go, can be used to restore a connection every 100 metres so that a full 200Mbit/s bandwidth of 100Base-T Ethernet is maintained across the entire link up to connections 800 meters away. Daisy-chaining your Ethernet in this way can still be achieved with no loss of network bandwidth, whilst up to 70W of POE can be forwarded depending on the standard used; limits will depend on the POE source and on how much power the POE device requires. For extension beyond 300 metres the use of OUTSOURCE or OUTSOURCE Plus injectors is recommended.

When an Ethernet-only extension is required, the OUTREACH™ Lite whilst not forwarding POE can double a distance to 200 metres. And to complete this innovative range, OUTREACH™ Lite XT and OUTREACH™ Max XT both provide an IP66-rated version for exterior installations and with a low 1.3W consumed per unit, each product within the OUTREACH™ suite provides a very effective solution for hard-wire Ethernet extensions to reach remote estate locations.


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Veracity's range of innovative IP Transmission Solutions are available to order from Anixter.