Securing Video Surveillance Networks


Video surveillance data is increasingly connected across local and global networks. While this brings enormous benefits, it is important to realize that without adequate measures, it can also leave us vulnerable to cybercrime. In addition to physical security, data security and privacy must also be taken very seriously.

Bosch Essential Information

  • Bosch ST Video Systems drives a four-step approach to secure video data.
  • The entire security network is covered.
  • All Bosch IP cameras feature a unique, built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Bosch is driving a four-step approach that considers the entire video surveillance infrastructure:

  • Create trust by assigning every component in the network an authentication key.
  • Secure data from hackers by encrypting it at the hardware level, using a cryptographic key that is safely stored in a unique built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
  • Offer easy ways to manage user access rights ensuring that only authorized people have access to your data.
  • Meet IT industry standards and can support the set-up of Public Key Infrastructures.

Because even a single weak link in a surveillance set-up can jeopardize an entire system, a 360-degree view of data security is needed. Bosch covers the entire security network including cameras, servers, clients, storage devices, network protocols and standard key infrastructures.

Bosch Cameras

The camera is often the most remote outpost in a network and it can be easily overlooked when implementing data security measures. When Bosch cameras are set up, users are required to set a password. Secondly, only secure (HTTPS) connections with the cameras are allowed and all ‘unsecure’ ports are disabled by default. Thirdly, the execution of 3rd party software is disabled and firmware updates can only be done via our firmware files. Finally, all Bosch IP cameras feature a unique, built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM). This module safely stores all certificates and keys needed for authentication and encryption. Even in cases of unauthorized access, the TPM ensures that the keys cannot be retrieved. This is how we keep the customers' video data secure.