Sunbird dcTrack® 5.1 DCIM Operations Software Delivers Faster and More Accurate Data Center Management

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Sunbird is pleased to announce dcTrack® DCIM Operations 5.1. This release will provide several enhancements as requested by your users, including:

  • New 3D Visualization - provides a holistic view of the data center from any camera angle, including rotate, orbit, zoom, isolate and pan options.
  • New Cabinet Reports - includes percent full, weight, weight capacity, static load, and relative humidity
  • Web Interface Improvements:
    • Models Library Re-design - add, modify, delete, clone, and update the models library.
    • Import/Export of Structured Cabling - add, edit and delete data panel ports and structured cabling.
    • Support for IPV6 Address Configuration for Assets - add, edit, and delete asset IPv6 addresses.
  • Increase Number of Cabinets Allowed in a Row - to 300 for larger data center deployments.
  • Support for Zero U Height Cabinet -  allows floor space to be reserved to prevent overloading conditions.
  • Additional security updates and fixes.