Attention Retailers!
Think About Sound as Part of the Total Customer Experience


For a retail operation of any kind, one of the most important considerations is enhancing and optimizing the customer experience. From the moment a potential customer steps in a store, to the point where they exit, smart retailers know that every detail counts in making customers happy and encouraging them to do business in a particular location. What they see, feel, smell and sense is critical – and a big part of the experience is what they hear.

That’s right – sound is a major factor in the customer experience, even if it’s a subtle and a not often noticed effect (and sometimes not so subtle: “Store closing in 5 minutes!”). So, more and more retailers are paying much closer attention to what their customers hear throughout their shopping experience.

Networked systems are the way to go

The retail market has recognized the benefits of network scalability and the power of native intelligence in many critical functions such as point of sale machines, electronic displays and security cameras. So why not apply the same benefits to other important operational functions – such as audio?
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