Total Cost of Ownership

Better insight for better business decisions.

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Building a cost-effective video surveillance system is a challenging task. There are many upfront factors to consider, and on-going costs.

In a project it might be relatively straightforward to estimate the initial product investment, but much more difficult to predict such costs as system design, labor, maintenance, upgrades, or the decommissioning of the system. Using a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model can help capture all the costs associated with a video surveillance system over its complete lifecycle.

In the video surveillance and security industry, there are few studies published that present TCO models or examples.

Already used in many industries as a business tool, TCOs help integrators as well as buyers:

  • understand how costs are distributed over time
  • understand costs of different system components
  • minimize the risk of unforeseen costs
  • help explain costs during stakeholder discussions
  • evaluate project tenders


AXIS has compiled a comprehensive TCO study of a large-scale city surveillance system using 40 costs relating to different system components and stages.

49% of system costs relate to hardware and software investments.

Designed as a large city surveillance project using 1,500 cameras, the example TCO includes project management, operation, maintenance and decommissioning costs, plus much more – all visualized with clear and simple graphs.

Discover how a comprehensive TCO can help you to make better business decisions about security projects. Download the AXIS full report today.