UL Cutting and Respooling Services Now Available at Anixter Italy

When managing product that has to maintain UL mark certification, it is critical that the certification from the original vendor is passed from the manufacturer to the end customer. This is most often done via a distributor.

Many wire and cable products received with the required UL labeling move from distributor to customer with no cutting or respooling. In this scenario the original UL approval detail is easily passed on via the original manufacturer packaging.

However, it is important to note that when a reel is cut, the original UL label can only be affixed to the original reel or the new reel.

For that reason, Anixter Italy has secured UL listing, allowing us to provide “processed wire”. So we can cut any UL wires to the exact length required and provide 100% continuity of the UL approval.

Bulk cable reels image
Reels with UL labels image