When Should I Use Adjustable Cable Runway Instead of Traditional Runway?

Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers traditional and adjustable runway products. Both products are similar in length, width, form and finish. However, CPI’s Adjustable Cable Runway does not have welded cross members. This allows an installer to easily place the cross members (using two thread-forming screws) anywhere along the side stringers to best accommodate cables entering and exiting the runway.

This is especially useful in applications where the runway supports cabling above racks, cabinets and vertical cable managers. Customizing the pathway to address these varied cable drops no longer requires excessive tools and labor. Simply loosen the screws, and slide the cross member into place and tighten. No touch-up paint is needed since Adjustable Cable Runway’s components are painted individually.


To further simplify installation, use CPI’s tool-less radius drops and pathway dividers, which securely attach to the runway without the need for tools.

Many installers use traditional runway in applications where there is no need for unique cable drops, using adjustable runway only where needed. CPI’s Adjustable Cable Runway is fully compatible with CPI’s other runway products.

CPI’s Adjustable Cable Runway supports a load rating of 132 lb/ft (196 kg/m), has a bonded construction and meets ANSI, TIA and EIA for copper and fiber cable guidelines.

Compare CPI’s cable runway using this handy quick reference guide, or download the Adjustable Cable Runway data sheet.