Fast and efficienct logistics from your authorized distributor.

Buying from an authorized distributor gives you of a high level of reliability and honesty that may not be gained from unauthorized resellers, because authorized distributors are certified and trained by the manufacturers to sell and service, specific products.



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An authorized distributor will:

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An authorized distributor will not:

  • Guarantee the product is new and unopened.
  • Purchase directly from the manufacturer, so you receive products with a full warranty.
  • Honor any rebates or special offers that are offered by the manufacturer. 
  • Satisfy manufacturer standards to become an authorized distributor – including standards of product knowledge, application and after-sales care.
  • Provide peace of mind that the product you order is the product you get.

  • Sell refurbished material as new.
  • Alter or remove serial numbers.   
  • Sell 'Gray market goods' - items manufactured abroad and imported without the consent of the trademark holder that can lead to products with the wrong voltage or accessories, or instruction manuals in the wrong language. 
  • Separate and sell you items that were intended as part of your product unit (such as an AC adapter) at an additional cost.

We are an authorized distributor for these suppliers.