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Register your project today to obtain unprecedented pricing on the industry’s leading multi-sensor megapixel cameras that deliver outstanding situational awareness. The SurroundVideo 180° and 360° panoramic cameras are customer proven, integrated with the industry’s leading VMS/NVR systems, and feature many new capabilities since they were first were introduced back in 2006. The SurroundVideo Omni was the first user-configurable multi-directional camera in 2014, offering flexible coverage for a wide range of application needs. 

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SurroundVideo Omni

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SurroundVideo Omni

SurroundVideo Series

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SurroundVideo Series

8MP 180°:     AV8185DN / AV8185DN-HB

8MP 360°:     AV8365DN / AV8365DN-HB

12MP 180°:   AV12186DN

12MP 360°:   AV12366DN

20MP 180°:  AV20185DN / AV20185DN-HB

20MP 360°: AV20365DN / AV20365DN-HB

40MP 180°: AV40185DN / AV40185DN-HB

Read more about SurroundVideo Omni on the dedicated page
Read more about SurroundVideo Series on the dedicated page
  • Mounting accessories may be required for an additional price (SV-CAP, AV-WMJB, AV-PMJB, AV-PMA, AV-CRMA).
  • SurroundVideo G5 and SurroundVideo Omni G2 are not included in this special pricing.
    However, they are included in the 30 Day Try-and-Promotion.  Learn more here.