UniCam™ Tool Kit  Promotion

Valid from 1st May – 31st October 2018.
This offer is valid for customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa only.

UniCam Banner Promotion

Who says you can’t buy time?

Corning is happy to introduce the new UniCam™ high-performance toolkit 2 and a special promotional offer while the product is launching.
Termination will be faster, easier, and more reliable!

What is in it for you?

*PLEASE NOTE: The number of free-of-charge or discounted tool kits per person is limited to one.

What are the connector types participating in the promotion?

95-050-99-X        Anixter Code 338911                      LC MM/OM3/4 High-Performance UniCam®  Fibre Connector

95-200-99           Anixter Code 338908                      LC SM/OS2 UPC High-Performance UniCam®  Fibre Connector

95-200-41           Anixter Code 338895                      SC SM/OS2 UPC High-Performance UniCam®  Fibre Connector

95-050-41-X       Anixter Code 255259-NEW            SC MM/OM3/4 High-Performance UniCam®  Fibre Connector

How do you participate in the promotion?

  • Obtain the Corning promotional voucher with voucher code at trade shows, trainings, product demonstrations from Corning or directly
    from your local Anixter.
  • Purchase a minimum of 300 UniCam connectors of above mentioned types from Anixter.
  • Register online on the Corning website by entering the voucher code and confirm registration (data privacy requirement).
  • You receive a confirmation Email directly from Corning upon successful completion of the registration proces.
  • Receive the purchased connectors and discounted/free-of-charge item from Anixter.

Registration options

You have an option to register in the other language. Choose the language below clicking on the button.

Important notice

  • This promotion is not open to employees or representatives of federal, state or local governments.
  • Corning is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website or other failures or damages of any kind which
    may prevent or obstruct the customer from participating in the promotion.
  • This promotion is governed by the laws of Germany.