Upgrade To a Fluke Networks Versiv Now!

Trade in your cable tester for a brand new member of the Versiv Cabling Certification System and save up to 4000 Euro.

Upgrade To a Fluke Networks Versiv Now! image

A recent customer survey amongst several hundred Installers indicated that those that have deployed Versiv and LinkWareTM Live in their organization have experienced a 10% increase in earnings per completed job.

At the same time they reported productivity enhancements in the area of troubleshooting in excess of 65%.
Get smart too and upgrade to a Versiv now making use of the Trade-In promotion available till December 23rd 2016.

How to do that?

  • Place an order at Anixter for the "/T" of your choice selecting it from the table below.
  • Go then to www.dsxdeal.com immediately after receiving the new tester selecting the form in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
  • Complete the form on this page. It will generate a shipping document with a unique ID with which Fluke can track the shipment once it arrives in the warehouse. It will also generate a shipping label with the address to which the old tester needs to be returned within the European Union.
  • Old testers must be returned within 1 week after receipt of the new instrument.

Model Anixter Code Description Trade-in Rebate 
DSX-5000 INTL/T 515762-TRADEIN-ONLY DSX-5000 1000Mhz   €       1,250
DSX-5000QI INTL/T 515765-TRADEIN-ONLY DSX-5000 1000Mhz mit CertiFiber Pro Quad Optical Loss  €       3,000
DSX-5000QOI INTL/T 515767-TRADEIN-ONLY DSX-5000 1000Mhz mit CertiFiber Pro Quad &OptiFiber Quad  €       4,000
DSX-5000OI INTL/T tbc DSX-5000 1000Mhz mit OptiFiber Pro Quad  €       3,000
CFP-100-Q INTL/T 515785-TRADEIN-ONLY CertiFiber Pro Quad Optical Loss  €       2,000
OFP-100-M INTL/T 474170-TRADEIN-ONLY OptiFiber Pro Multimode OTDR  €       1,500
OFP-100-S INTL/T 474172-TRADEIN-ONLY OptiFiber Pro Singlemode OTDR  €       1,500
OFP-100-Q INTL/T 474174-TRADEIN-ONLY OptiFiber Pro MM&SM OTDR  €       3,000
OFP-100-Qi INTL/T 474175-TRADEIN-ONLY OptiFiber Pro MM&SM OTDR mit Fiber Inspektion  €       3,000

Address where to return the old units

Fluke Networks – Get Smart Promotion
p/a Service Bureau Jansen
de Schakel 17
5651 GH Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Terms and Conditions

  • Customer is responsible for shipping the old tester.
  • As a trade-in unit Fluke will accept old cable testers, any make, any model, that can certify copper and/or fiber networks according to industry standards. The returned testers must have a similar "basic" functionality as what customer is purchasing.
  • Fluke accept ONLY trade-in units that turn on, even if the returned module(s) or instrument(s) might be defective.
  • The Trade-In promotion may not be used or combined with any other promotion or special discount offer.
  • The Promotion is running from August 29th till December 23rd 2016 and it is subject to change without notice.

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