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€/$1000 discount for every Milestone Husky M500 Advanced ordered after the first one.

Milestone Husky M500 Advanced - Promotional Banner

The Milestone Husky™ M500 Advanced goes beyond the ordinary all-in-one network video recorders (NVRs). Designed in a 2U rack form factor, the M500A is a purpose built high-density surveillance recording hardware platform. With a guaranteed support of 600Mb/s recording performance, the M500A is capable of recording up to 512 HD cameras. Preloaded with Milestone XProtect Advanced VMS software, the M500A unit combines comprehensive video surveillance functions and high performance, with low total cost of ownership. This makes the M500A the most versatile and capable recording platform available with Milestone XProtect software.

This NVR has been designed and engineered by Milestone’s video surveillance experts and is purpose-built for high performance video recording. The Milestone Husky M500A offers a guaranteed 600 Mb/s recording rate and includes surveillance-optimized Western Digital™ Purple Drives that can handle extreme heat fluctuations, equipment vibrations and always-on environments. 
Designing and engineering a high-performing NVR requires the optimization and I/O throughput of video data through these four systems:

Network System

  • 2 Gb per second
  • Embedded Ethernet

Computer System

  • Passmark CPU benchmark of 7463
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Exclusive System Board based upon Intel’s i7 CPU

Storage System

  • Guaranteed 600 Mb/s recording rate
  • Western Digital™ Purple Drives optimized for surveillance
  • Raid Controller tailored for streaming applications

Video Management System

  • Pre-loaded with Milestone’s world-leading XProtect Corporate & Expert VMS
  • Real-time device load optimization
  • Hardware optimized advanced VMS functions
  • Full system NVR failover redundancy

This NVR has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of any NVR in its class. The M500A gives customers the best price-to-performance ratio by enabling the lowest initial investment, operating, maintenance and replacement costs.

Best Price-to-Performance Ratio

The numbers speak for themselves.
With the M500A, customers get:

  • <$17 per NVR / Camera I/O performance
  • <$322 per TB redundant surveillance storage
  • <$20 per analog device

In other words, customers get the equivalent of 32 16-channel DVRs in one NVR.

Lowest Operating Cost

This NVR is designed and optimized to deliver the lowest power consumption. The M500A uses only 80-120 Wh to operate compared to 250-650 Wh from most other advanced NVRs. This translates into solid operating costs savings over the installation’s lifetime. For example, the M500A saves customers up to 80% in electrical operating costs over a 5-year period.

Full Hardware Warranty

With the 3-year full hardware warranty, one phone call is all it takes to get hardware and software support.

Protect the Software Investment

With the inclusion of three years of Milestone Care™ Plus, customers get a 100% trade-in credit when they upgrade to XProtect Corporate.

Working with this NVR saves time and increases revenue as it makes projects easier to design and quote. The same box has been tried and tested and fits all projects: It just works. So once an integrator is familiar with the M500A, there is no need to sell other, lesser hardware platforms out there.  

Simplified System Design

With a highly versatile hardware platform with scalable software the M500A enables a simplified system design process. With the M500A, there is less of a risk of getting the hardware engineering wrong. The M500A is the only guaranteed performance choice.

Faster Deployment

No need to spend valuable time configuring generic storage and server solutions to run with the video management system: The M500A has taken care of all of hardware engineering. The result is that the customer gets a unit that works from day 1 and does exactly what it is intended to do, provide reliable video recording. The M500A further optimizes the deployment process with pre-installed Milestone XProtect Advanced VMS (Expert and Corporate) software.

Operate And Scale With Ease

Milestone’s #1 VMS features powerful management tools that make it easy to configure and manage multiple NVRs from one central location. This is a great advantage for customers looking to manage and monitor their surveillance operations.

After a system is deployed, you may have to make changes. NVRs are generally seen as inflexible, but the M500A is not. Optimizing the camera recording can be done in real-time. This includes moving existing camera configurations and video from one NVR to another. With software license portability, you can move device licenses to where they are needed, saving time and administration costs.

Qualifying Products

Manufacturer PN Anixter PN Description
HM500A-XPET-8TB 704746 Husky M500A XProtect Expert NVR, 8TB, RAID 5/10, Rack Mounted, 0 devices licenses
HM500A-XPET-16TB 704752 Husky M500A XProtect Expert NVR, 16TB, RAID 5/10, Rack Mounted, 0 devices licenses
HM500A-XPET-32TB 704753 Husky M500A XProtect Expert NVR, 32TB, RAID 5/10, Rack Mounted, 0 devices licenses
HM500A-XPET-48TB 704754 Husky M500A XProtect Expert NVR, 48TB, RAID 5/10, Rack Mounted, 0 devices licenses

Terms and Conditions

  • Milestone Certified Advanced resellers can enjoy a €1000 discount for every unit purchased after the first purchased unit.
    Offer valid in Europe excluding Turkey and Middle East.
  • Milestone Certified Advanced resellers can enjoy a $1000 discount for every unit purchased after the first purchased unit.
    Offer valid in Middle East and Turkey.
  • Customers should state #introm500 when placing an order.
  • A selection of Husky M500 Advanced are immediately available from stock.
  • Promotion valid till December 31st 2016.
  • Contact your local Anixter office to purchase at a discounted price.

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