XProtect Essential Campaign

Attractive offer for existing customers valid until December 31, 2016.

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Starting October 10, Milestone is discontinuing XProtect Go and making XProtect Essential the free VMS product. Additionally for a limited time only, Milestone is introducing a campaign that enables existing Essential customers to upgrade to XProtect® Express – for free. This is a fantastic opportunity for Essential customers to get a more advanced product at a significantly reduced cost, and to enable resellers to reconnect with their XProtect Essential install base.

Key Takeaways

  • From now until December 31, 2016, existing XProtect Essential customers without Milestone Care™ Plus can upgrade
    to XProtect Express for free, when they purchase three years of Milestone Care Plus at a 50% discount.
    Here’s what they save by taking advantage of this campaign:

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  • Customers who already have a valid Milestone Care Plus can upgrade to XProtect Express for free. This applies to all customers with a valid Milestone Care Plus agreement.
  • If customers don’t want to purchase Milestone Care Plus, they can still upgrade to XProtect Express using our standard 30% trade-in discount. 

Why Upgrade?

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Upgrading to XProtect Express offers customers a number of advantages:

  • Support for Milestone Interconnect™ – The new free version of XProtect Essential will not include support for Milestone Interconnect™. So upgrading to XProtect Express is a great way for customers with multiple locations to ensure that their remote sites can be connected to their XProtect® Corporate hub site.
  • Access to new functionality – Upgrading to XProtect Express will ensure that customers can take advantage of new product updates.
  • System expansion – Since their current version of XProtect Essential will eventually be discontinued*, customers who want to maintain the possibility of adding cameras to their system should migrate to XProtect Express.
  • Support for third-party integrations – As the first-level VMS that supports third-party integrations, XProtect Express enables customers to combine video with other business systems, such as access control or point of sale systems.

Important Notes

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding who should upgrade and when.

  • XProtect Essential 2014 will be discontinued on May 21, 2017. Add-on licenses and Care Plus for this VMS version will be available for purchase until that date.
  • XProtect Essential 2013 will be discontinued on October 7, 2016. Add-on licenses and Care Plus for this VMS version will be available for purchase until that date.