ProLabs, an Anixter Technology Alliance Partner, is the leading global independent provider of optical network infrastructure products, providing its customers with all the products required for their data centres and IT network needs. ProLabs has a wide range of transceivers, cabling and media converters of the highest quality, which the company sells to over 40 countries worldwide. The company was the first to offer lifetime product guarantees, showing a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and exceptional service. While ProLabs continues to grow, its commitment to testing all its products, attracting talent of the highest standard and challenging the OEM manufacturers prove it to be a worthy contender. ProLabs offers a large range of compatible networking accessories and components, including copper & optical transceivers.

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XBR-000147-C | Transceiver, Brocade Compatible imag euk
QFX-QSFP-DACBO-1M-C | SFP+ Brocade Compatible image uk
SFP-10G-SR-C | Transceiver, Cisco Compatible image uk
CSR4-QSFP-40G-C | Optical Transceiver image uk
CAB-SFP-SFP-2M-C | Juniper Compatible image uk

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