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Vess R3000 Series

Promise Technology, a leading storage solutions provider for the video surveillance market, introduced at IFSEC 2019 for the first time its Vess R3000 Series.

With the global video surveillance market estimated to grow over to $77.21 billion by 2023, according to a recent report by BIS Research, Promise is expanding and enhancing its portfolio of solutions to meet rising demand with the introduction of a cloud-ready solution optimized for video surveillance workloads, new series of storage appliances and highly integrated AI solution.

“Promise is committed to consistently enhancing our products to meet the special needs of our customers and to expedite the customization process in various vertical segments including surveillance industry,” said Alice Chang, Chief Sales Officer, Promise Technology. “We develop our products to cover a wide variety of applications for holistic and well-integrated solutions for our customers that enables seamless expansion of their ecosystem. For the surveillance market, Promise is aggressively enriching the integration with AI, IVA, HA and Cloud Ready application partners to meet the demands from our customers.”

Optimized Storage for Surveillance, Vess R3000 is the unified storage presenting integrated SAN and NAS from one party, for higher performance block data applications and file sharing needs. It provides a means to manage all storage access needs, from video surveillance streaming to an integrated solution with backup and archiving capabilities.

Vess R3000


  • Dynamic storage solution optimized for virtualized environments
  • Unified FC & iSCSI connections for SAN and/or NAS in the same storage
  • Support for on demand expansion, ideal for today’s growing data centers
  • Advanced Storage Services included at no extra cost
  • Designed to meet the growing challenge of unstructured data
  • Enterprise design with cutting edge redundancy, reliability and high capacity
  • Flexible 1/10Gbe and optional 8/16G FC, with 12G/6G SAS and 6G SATA backward compatible
  • Fully tuned RAID expansion for video surveillance applications
  • Scale up to 208 hard disk drives via Vess J3000 series expansion units