Introducing Tsunami® 820 Series

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The Tsunami® 820 is an ultra-compact, IP67 grade robust and cost-effective wireless solution that provides you with “pay as you grow” bandwidth upgrade options. It features NLoS functionality and leverages the advantages of OFDM, MIMO radio innovations and Proxim’s proprietary Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP) to support voice, video and data applications. The 820 is specifically designed with Video Surveillance and Wireless ISP requirements in mind, affordable price points enable wireless ISPs to easily deploy high performance wireless broadband networks with quick returns whereas the compact form factor and high speed roaming technology allow security integrators to deploy low profile wireless video surveillance wherever needed including patrol vehicles.

High Power


Distance does not Deter Performance.

Designed with a high 26 dBm power transmitter, and 2x2 MIMO technology, the 820 delivers superior connectivity even in harsh environment.


Tsunami 820 Series

Quick and Easy to Install.

Though designed in a small form factor, the 820packs quite a punch. The 820 is a completely “hop in a box” solution that comes with a plethora of installation tools, not to mention the on board signal strength indicator that makes installations really easy and hassle free.


Tsunami 820 Series

Seamless Connectivity even at High Speeds.

The 820 with the help of Proxim’s roaming technology - FastConnect, is able to establish unparalleled handoff times and support delay-sensitive multimedia applications even when mobile at speeds of up to 285 km/h (196 mph).

Built for The Extremes

Proxim Tsunami 820

High Performance Delivered. Anytime, Anywhere.

The 820 aluminum enclosures is approved after stringent screening involving Drop, Shock, Salt Spray, Thermal, and Reliability tests. In addition, the enclosures is IP 67 rated that ensures the 820 delivers high performance even in hostile weather conditions with minimal downtimes.

Powered by WORP®

Tsunami 820

The Soul of Every Tsunami®.

At the core of every Tsunami® 820 lies Proxim's proprietary Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol - WORP®, which is a reliable, secure and efficient protocol that optimizes the performance of multi-play outdoor wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint links.

Fully Compatible

Tsunami 820

Pair it up with any of our Base Stations

The 820 Point-to-Multipoint subscribers and CPE are totally backward compatible with any generation of the Tsunami base stations, to give you the flexibility of scaling your existing networks.

Key Applications

Wireless ISPs

The low cost outdoor form factor of the Tsunami® 820 is an ideal solution for large‐scale point to multipoint wireless deployments suitable for all last‐mile broadband wireless access deployments. This 820 is also feature rich with a carrier-grade prioritization platform supporting multiple service classes that can prioritize voice, video and data applications over the widest range of operating frequencies.

Lower TCO, Higher Value

  • License-free frequency bands worldwide provide reliable wireless broadband without the high cost of licensed frequencies.
  • Low-cost bundle including both radio and mounting kit provides the industry's most aggressive price point , enabling any broadband deployment to enjoy a quick return on investment.

Video Surveillance

Embedded in every 820, Proxim’s WORP QoS WORP® ensures that video packets arrive with priority by differentiating between priorities of traffic as defined in the profiles for QoS (Quality of Service), similar to the 802.16 WiMAX QoS standard definition. Furthermore, the 820 supports Transparent, Access, Trunk and Mixed mode for better management of bandwidth within departments and also support asymmetric bandwidth transfer for high upstream speeds. Not to mention high power and 2x2 MIMO innovations that help provide communications even is severe nLoS conditions.