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Trackit Solutions provides software solutions and services to simplify Data Centre Asset Management, a critical component to underpinning a DCIM strategy. You can not manage your DC without accurately knowing what you have.

Since 2008, Trackit has helped customers get the answer to that critical question…”what do I have in my Data Centre”. 


Trackit Solutions are the experts at providing a complete Audit as a service. They have audited more that 1 million devices across 6 continents, working directly with Fortune 500 companies as well as with the largest DCIM providers in the market as part of their solution.

Trackit's experts work with you to provide you with the tools, streamline your process and train your staff to accurately maintain their own data with the least effort possible.

An award-winning Trackit and Trackit Mobile solutions make it easier to maintain your data from your desk or in front of the rack.

Trackit helps you make more of what you’ve already got.

Let’s make things less complicated.

How does Trackit work?

By combining an intuitive application interface with state-of-the-art mobile technology, our solution allows you to track every physical asset in your data centre while drastically reducing man-hours and human error. Trackit knows where your IT assets are and highlights any discrepancies, helping to run your data centre more efficiently.

  • Intelligent 2D barcodes, encoded with detailed asset information affix directly to the IT assets you want to track.
  • The revolutionary LightTouchID scanners read the barcodes in seconds, allowing you to access asset information on everything from model and manufacturer to location and power consumption.
  • Faithfully visualise the asset and its environment on the ruggedized tablet.
  • Update, edit or validate the asset information using the user-friendly application display.
  • Generate or reprint tags instantly using our mobile barcode printer.


Trackit delivers full or validation infrastructure audits with 99% accuracy in just 10% of the time. Aside from being faster and more accurate than traditional systems, it’s also really simple to use for all levels of user from data centre operation to C-level and client. The information it collects can be integrated with your existing DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) system, or you can even use Trackit as a standalone solution. It allows you to fully understand what assets you have, which can mean the difference between maximising your available capacity or commissioning a new data centre unnecessarily. Plus, it’s scalable too - from small server and comms rooms up to global data centre portfolios, Trackit provides an accurate and affordable solution.


The Technology

We use a number of devices to make Trackit such an efficient and accurate solution. Our experience in data centre auditing means we understand its challenges and an obvious one is appreciating the sheer volume of assets and scale of the data halls. We created Trackit in the first instance to make our own job easier, so it was important it had to be mobile and rugged enough to withstand a data centre environment so that we could make our updates from the data centre floor instead of writing the information down and re-entering it later on.


Asset Tags

Intelligent asset tags hold a huge amount of information. Core details such as asset name, location, manufacturer, model and serial number are all held for each item as well as device dimensions, power consumption and even owner information, warranty, WEEE, PAT Testing and Carbon Emissions details. Using our mobile barcode printer you can print intelligent barcode labels instantly or encode new or existing RFID tags at the rack. The tags can be designed to your bespoke specification, including your DCIM requirement or even your brand colours.


Handheld Scanners

Handheld LightTouchID scanners read the intelligent barcodes in seconds, keeping track of device installs, moves, decommissions and changes in the data centre environment with minimal manual effort. Whether using 1D, 2D or RFID tags, a quick scan of the tag also validates the cabinet in moments - and any moves/changes are identified automatically. LightTouchID validates multiple fields including device manufacturer and model details, asset information and rack or grid position.


Intelligent Visualisation

Trackit gives you a 360 degree view of your IT assets allowing you to visualise the assets in their environment within the application. Zoom in to display the actual physical location or grid tile for a device or asset, or conversely select a position and Trackit will list the assets within it. Drag and drop devices onto floor plans and racks and visually trace, create, edit or remove power and network connections by simply tapping ports or devices. Every individual asset is realistically represented through front and rear elevations making it simple to update everything from slot locations to network connections.