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AXIS COMMUNICATIONS | 0106-092-01 | 2100 Series Fixed Network Box Camera, 640 X 480, 4 mm Lens, 10 fps, 1/4 Sony Progressive Scan RGB CCD Sensor

  • Manufacturer # 0106-092-01
  • Anixter #277639
Environment: INDOOR
Position Type: FIXED
Resolution: COLOR 460-480
Signal Process: DIGITAL
  • With a built-in high performance web server, no PC is required
  • The network camera can operate as a standalone or be placed wherever there is a LAN or Internet connection, or an available modem
  • High quality images up to 15 fps
  • No extra accessories, software or video cabling needed
  • Built-in web server
  • Standard C/CS lens mount
  • Quick and easy installation connect to your network, assign an IP address, its completed in less than a minute
  • The included null modem cable enables set up without a network
  • Exposure - backlight compensation, automatic AGC
  • High-speed hardware-based image compression, generating high quality JPEG images
  • 5 levels of compression available
  • The file size of a JPEG compressed image depends on the actual content of the image
  • Images containing much detail will generate larger files
  • Image quality is controlled through the level of compression
  • High compression yields small files while low compression maintains higher image quality at the expense of larger files
  • The table below contains average file size in K Bytes, derived from real life tests
  • Input/output connector to trigger the camera on external events, like a door sensor with a solenoid
  • Accepts dial-in and dial-out access via external modem (modem not included)
  • Event triggered remote image storage via e-mail and FTP
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