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AXIS COMMUNICATIONS | 0176-003 | 2401+ Video Server, 1-Channel, RJ45 to 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Connector, UK Version

  • Manufacturer # 0176-003 | 2401+
  • Anixter #271055
Capacity: 1 CHANNEL
  • 1 analog video input, 1 video loop-through port
  • Video stream: Up to 30 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) frames per sec with motion JPEG as well as single snapshot, user-controlled compression level
  • 4 alarm inputs and 1 output signal
  • Event handling including mail, TCP, HTTP and FTP notification and video upload
  • Auto sensing for NTSC and PAL
  • Support for multiple pan/tilt/zoom devices
  • Connection - dial-up via modem as well as direct connection to Ethernet networks
  • PHP3 script support for developing your own application scripts
  • Remote configuration and status using web-based tools
  • Three times more space for pre-and post alarm buffers than before: Allows the user to see extended video events in higher resolution and in greater detail - up to 12 MB available for alarm buffers
  • Enables higher level of customization - more than double the storage capacity for web pages and scripts - up to 0.5 MB
  • Higher performance with improved Linux operating system - the improved memory and process management introduced with the Linux kernel v.2.4 gives an approximately 10% increase in performance
  • Future proof - improved architecture allows space for ongoing functionality additions, e.g. support for new pan/tilt/zoom devices
  • Live video and remote monitoring with standard TCP/IP networks
  • Increased memory and performance; Use as a standalone system or added on to existing CCTV systems; Remote configuration and status using web based tools; PPP/modem support; Audio functionality available in combination with the AXIS 2191 audio module
  • High quality motion-JPEG images at up to 30 frames/sec; Support for pan, tilt, zoom units; Built-in web server
  • Date and time stamp and text overlay; color control (B/W or color)
  • PTZ support for remote camera control, currently supported units and protocols include - EVI-G20/21, EVI-D30/31, EVI-D100/ 100P, canon VC-C4/VC-C4R, Videmech 682/ 555rx, Ernitech ICU-PTZ S, Pelco DD5-C, Ultrak KD6/Smartscan III, Kalatel KTD-312, Surveyor TransitRCM, Daiwa DMP15-h1, Videor Tech; VPT42RS, Videotronic KON 485/HDI-5DE/ SN-15AH, VCL 8 Inch microsphere, Lilin PIH717, IVC pan/tilt, Panasonic WV-CS850/854, Panasonic CS850A/854A, Molynx D05RX/L, Sensormatic SpeedDome Ultra III, Philips CSI autodome G3A
  • Customer applications - compliance with the AXIS HTTP API for applications and systems integration; Support for shell scripting to allow user defined applications; Up to 0.5 MB available for storage of customer Web pages and scripts
  • Video Server
  • System Requirements: Compatible With Operating Systems Such As Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows ME And Linux; Web Browsers Such As Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x, 6.x Or Netscape Navigator 4.x
  • Hardware and System: CPU: ETRAX 100LX, 32 Bit RISC, 100 MIPS; Compression Chip: ARTPEC-1; 4 MB Flash Memory; 32 MB SDRAM; 100baseTX Fast Ethernet Or 10baseT Ethernet; Network Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, NTP, ARP, DHCP, BOOTP And More; Based On Linux Version 2.4 Operating System
  • Network Connection: RJ45 to 10/100 MB Ethernet
  • Video Input Connection: The AXIS 2400+ Has Four BNC Composite Video Inputs With 75/Hi Z Termination; The AXIS 2401+ Has A Single BNC Composite Video Input With 75/Hi Z Termination And One BNC Video Loop-Through Port; Auto Sensing For NTSC And PAL
  • Input/Output Connection: A Single Terminal Block Connector Providing Four Opto-Isolated Alarm Inputs And A Single Output Relay
  • Serial Connectors: 9 Pin D-SUB RS-232 Max 115 kbps; 9 Pin D-SUB RS-232 Or RS-485/422 Half Duplex, Max 115 kbps
  • Power Source: External Power Supply 12 Volt AC, 9.6 VA (PS-D, Included); 9 - 20 Volt AC, Min 10 VA; 6 - 30 Volt DC, Min 7 Watt
  • Video Frame Rate: Image Frame Rate - Up To 25 (PAL)/30 (NTSC) Frames/Sec; Bandwidth Control Prevents Data Saturation On The Network
  • Resolution: QCIF: NTSC: 176 X 112, PAL: 176 X 144; CIF: NTSC: 352 X 240, PAL: 352 X 288; 4CIF: NTSC: 704 X 480, PAL: 704 X 576
  • Security: User Level Password Protection For Restricted Camera Access
  • Pre/Post Alarm Buffer: Up To 12 MB Memory Available For Pre/Post Alarm Image Storage, i.e. Approx. 16 Min Of Video At One Frame/Sec, CIF Resolution, Normal Compression
  • Firmware Updates: Flash Memory Allows Firmware Updates Over The Network, Using FTP Over TCP/IP
  • Operating Conditions: 40 to 125 deg F (5 to 50 deg C); Humidity 20-80% RHG
  • Dimensions: 8.700 Inch x 5.700 Inch x 1.700 Inch
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