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AXIS COMMUNICATIONS | 2002040 | TrueView Web Report 3.0, Channel / Year, Web based analytical intelligence tool collects data from embedded TrueView applications

  • Manufacturer # 2002040
  • Anixter #599798

TrueView Web Report(R) is a web based package that gives instant access to a multitude of data sources such as POS, foot traffic, weather conditions, etc. The data can be accessed from any physical location via your web browser. TrueView Web Report(R) transforms raw traffic data into clear and intuitive charts that allow you to quickly gain in-depth insight to the statistics. Discover trends, patterns or, identify unusual performance with a simple click on your mouse. It lets you unveil performance problems, and helps you to take proper action to improve production, enhance revenue, and increase profitability.

Benefits from TrueView Web Report(R)

Let TrueView Web Report(R) be a central tool to secure and analyze business critical data.
?Man foot traffic, POS and weather data in one place.
?Create and distribute reports.
?Collect and manage data from any number of units and sites.
?Analyze and compare data using interactive graphs.
?Compute conversion rate (number of buyer divided by nuer of visitors)."

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